reformamini in novitate sensus vestri


Articles listed in order published.

Some of these articles have names changed for privacy and are unattributed for the same reason. However, I personally attest to the veracity of the accounts presented here.

Journey of Biblical Creation

Some 26 years ago I was convinced that God created all of this universe in 144 contiguous hours. Now, today, I am equally convinced that it is most likely that he took about 14 billion years to create this universe. This is the story of how (and some of the why) my thinking has changed over the intervening time.

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Daniel’s Story

There once was a boy named Danny.

Danny had a fairly typical early childhood. He was popular at school, being generally good at most sports, and particularly good at school-yard games. He was also daring; there was no tree he wouldn’t climb, no jump he wouldn’t attempt on his bike and no risk he wouldn’t take. Danny also enjoyed a great deal of freedom, his parents allowed him to roam the streets and countryside around home largely without restriction as long as his room was clean, his few chores were done and he was home in time for dinner. He’d often ride his bike for tens of kilometers, gone all Saturday, through the neighboring valleys. He and his friend would stay out past midnight over the hill eeling.

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