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Articles listed in order published.

Ideologies of Origins

This article seeks to define the primary frameworks for cosmological origins in order to provide a basis for other articles to be published. It does not seek to perform critical analysis on any of these constructs.

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Old-Earth Creation

This article examines how an old-earth creation view can be reconciled with the Christian scripture and doctrines. Of necessity and when appropriate, scripture interpretations are contrasted against those of a young-earth creation view.

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Old-Earth Creation - Objections

I came across an article raising doctrinal objections to an old-earth creation model. Although the article in question particularly addressed theistic evolution it is also subtitled to include progressive creationist and is therefore directed at any old-earth model.

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Religious Spin Merchants

This is a response to the article Religious Spin Merchants written by Adrian Bates and published on Most of the major points are already adequately covered in other articles on this web site.

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Scripture and Science

At Ligonier’s 2012 National Conference, Dr. Sproul and the other panelists were asked about the age of the universe and asked whether it was an intramural discussion. Dr. Sproul began his response with the following words:

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Biblical Cosmology

This article expounds a biblical perspective on creation intended to serve as a good introduction to the topic for a new Christian.

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Genesis and Science

A common objection to biblical creation I’ve encountered from skeptics is the claim that the sequence of events as described in Genesis does not match the sequence of events extrapolated from the scientific data. This article seeks to examine and explicate the account given in the Christian scripture and ascertain what it does and does not say about the events which occurred and the order in which they occurred. In the conclusion I answer the question of whether conflicts exist and, if so, how problematic they are.

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Dialog with a Skeptic

A few days ago I engaged with a skeptical friend of a friend in a dialog on Facebook. What ensued was one of the most congenial Internet exchanges I’ve seen. The information content was good (I thought), so I thought I would share it as an example of how to conduct a civil converstation on social media.

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Genesis Two

I often hear and read from skeptics that Genesis chapter one and two give conflicting accounts of creation. In this article I offer a dissenting opinion. However, Genesis 1 and 2 are not conflicting but complementary creation accounts. Where Genesis 1 to 2:3 describes the big picture creation of the cosmos, from beginning to Adam and Eve, Genesis 2:4 onwards provides a detailed account of the creation of Adam and Eve at the end of Day 6.

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Death Before the Fall (Guest Post)

Over the past few years it has amazed me how often we theologically conservative Christians, believe things that are not actually stated in the Bible. For instance it is not ever stated that ‘animals give birth to animals after their kind,’ yet Christians often believe that is what the Bible teaches. Another misperception of what the Bible actually says is that the the world was created perfect. God specifically did not inspire the writer to use ‘tawmiym’ which is Hebrew for ‘perfect’. Instead, God used the word ‘good’, ‘towb’ to describe his creation in every case. The Bible does not say that Eden was perfect, yet many YECs act like it was a perfect place.

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