reformamini in novitate sensus vestri

Other Web Sites

Athanatos Christian Apologetics Ministries

The blog of Dr. Anthony Horvath, aka “St Johnny”.

Anthony is a member of the Lutherans for Life speakers bureau and as such is willing to speak on a variety of life issues. He also speaks on apologetics related issues and is willing to engage with your church or organization about any number of topics.

I find Dr. Horvath insightful, often poignant, frequently challenging, ocassionally a little over the top. His stance on the sanctity of human life and all that flows from that principle is sorely needed in our culture of “me”.

Christianity Q&A on Stack Exchange

CSE can be an interesting landing place for a variety of views from traditional Christian theology and Christianesque outliers and cults. It is not a religiously motivated forum, but rather a secularlized effort that Christians and non-Christians of all flavors contribute too.

Since it’s only working definition of Christian is “those whose self-identify as Christian” it is also home to all sorts of heretical viewpoints, which, in themselves, can be quite eye-opening.

You’ll need to keep your theological wits about you to discern the baby from the bathwater.

Gary Jensen’s Blog (M. Div., Rev)

Gary is a personal friend, active member of Reasons To Believe’s Seattle chapter for apologetics, and one of the most effective, witty and thoughtful writers I know. What he has to say on various topics related to apologetics (though not limited to that) is always worth reading.

Dr. Jay Wile’s Blog (Ph.D.)

Dr. Wile is a scientist of Young-Earth creation persuasion. He came to faith because of his science, which compelled him to believe by the sheer weight of evidence for a creator.

While I disagree with him on the age of the Earth, I always appreciate his demeanor and he always has something of value to add to the debate. He brings to the table an opposing view to mine, in a way that presents the science without great bias and leaves no doubt that we are brothers and that the age of creation is a secondary matter of faith. My wish is that all of us in the church involved in the age-of-the-Earth debate would be so well mannered and considerate.

Reasons to Believe

Reasons To Believe is a science/faith apologetics ministry that holds an Old-Earth creation viewpoint and a concordist approach to scripture. Their web site is possibily one of the most useful resources for anyone involved in science/faith apologetics, or just wishing to have their faith in God strenghened by being able to see how he is evinced in his creation.

I am actively involved with RTB through the Seattle chapter.

Software Monkey’s Tech Site

This is my personal web site focussed on matters of technology and software development. It’s less well maintained than this one because I don’t really have the time to operate two sites, and the subject matter here is far more important in my mind.